Specialist Bathrooms

Wet Rooms & Disabled Adaptation

With Perfect Fit’s substantial experience in the Care industry we have gained a detailed knowledge in the design and installation of both wet rooms and  disabled adaptations offering a full design and installation project service.

Well designed Wet Rooms can be both a practical and a stylish addition to any environment.

Whether within the Care, Education or Residential sectors creating an optimal use of space and a safe and comfortable environment while not compromising style is our goal. We design these areas with the same attention to detail as we would all of our high end projects.

We are expert in identification of  all of the potential pitfalls at the design stage and providing safe and economically viable solutions.

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We have significant experience in the design of a wet room floor is understanding the imperative in creating adequate slope to falls within the floor.

We are experts in the design of suitable waste systems which must be considered in conjunction with the tape of shower arrangement which is chosen. Proper design and consideration to these matters will prevent and prevent an adequate drainage of water within these areas and is an absolute must in terms of creating safe environments.

We offer a huge variety of shower enclosures, and wall finishes including tiling, hygienic wall cladding in a variety of colours and styles and also have a large selection of wet wall products.

We are firmly of the belief that both Wet Rooms and Disabled Adaptations do not have to look clinical and we are particularly skilled in the interior design of these areas producing full card and the 3D renderings to both clients and end-users.