Hygienic Cladding

Hygienic Cladding Products

Here at Perfect Fit we specialise in the supply and installation of hygienic wall cladding , hygienic door sets and various other modular wash units widely used and specified within both the healthcare and Care environments.

Perfect Fit are at the forefront of incorporating this excellent and versatile product into interior design. Recent developments in technology allow  processes such as photographic printing to be applied to the product to create a unique and stylish environment while maintaining the excellent qualities of hygiene and durability.

All of our hygienic wall products all use antimicrobial wall cladding and we have invested in the latest technology to allow for thermoformed corners and fully welded joints guaranteeing the maximum standards of hygiene in environments where this is absolutely critical.

Hygenic Wall Cladding
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Hygneic Wall Cladding

We also offer bespoke manufactured hygienic door sets in a variety of colours and finishes ensuring that while hygiene is not compromised aesthetics are not either.

Products within this industry have developed recently with our huge variety of pastel colours and vibrant colours and our design team will be happy to discuss your requirements in this regard.

We also supply and install modular IPS units complete with access panels in a wide variety of colours. These units offer a fully accessible ultra hygienic joint three unit that is easy to install and quick to install saving both time and money on site.

Full technical detail as to the joints with vinyl floors can be provided by the in-house technical team.