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Full Space Planning Service

Here at Perfect Fit we understand that good Space Planning is the critical ingredient to the successful reconfiguration or refurbishment of any space. Poorly designed use of space can have a detrimental effect on both efficiency and morale. We can help maximise the available space by carefully considering the particular requirements of the environment being developed.

Having recently invested in a new CAD package we can offer 3D images and Virtual Reality walk arounds to our clients.

We provide a comprehensive design package including Space planning drawings , visualisation services and a full and comprehensive design package. This allows our clients the opportunity to transform an idea into a workable reality.

We take a bespoke approach to each individual project and implement a full consultation process with both the designers and end users of the space.

We have substantial experience in the following space planning within the following sectors:


We understand the use of space within their further education and school sector with experience in the design of all forms of teaching spaces, laboratories , workshop areas , and social and breakout spaces.

space planning 1

Care Sector

Within this sector we are aware of the different challenges that are presented and firmly believe that good Space Planning and spatial design can have a positive impact upon the quality of life for particularly vulnerable groups.

We have been involved extensively with the BUPA group and their upgrading programme for their facilities nationwide.

This experience has allowed us to formulate a more detailed understanding of the benefits of good space planning in both common and living areas.

Properly considered space planning in this area is also critical in providing a safe environment and can greatly increase the life quality for residents and staff.

We also have full knowledge of improvements in the design of spaces for residents suffering from Dementia.

care 2

Children’s Residential Care Homes

We have been extensively involved in the upgrading and refurbishment of a number of children’s residential care homes for children suffering from severe forms of autism.

We have taken lead on various projects involving the design and implementation of the upgrading of children’s Care homes.

We have researched areas including the use of various colour and its effect within both  bedroom and common area doors.

We have also designed bespoke robust furniture products which are required within these environments.

care 3

Retail Sector

With over 25 years experience in the Space Planning within the retail sector we are well positioned to add value and maximise the space of any retail project.

We have taken design lead on various forms of retail such as Optical retailers, Sports Shops , restaurant chains and clothing retailers.

A particular speciality is in the Space Planning of commercial kitchens within both the restaurant and hot food takeaway sector with taking design leads on over 400 projects with in this area.

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